Kevin Hart Hyundai ‘First Date’ Super Bowl 2016 TV Commercial

The automobile giant Hyundai collaborates fantastically with beloved comedian Kevin Hart in order to represent Hyundai Genesis and the new featured Hyundai blue link. The commercial build up a cheering mood, as Kevin Hart creates numerous comic situations with the assistance of blue link.
That is a special development of Hyundai, that is available for most Hyundai’s vehicles and allows you to access features via your smartwatch, send and receive directions from and to your car, keep in touch with the help of your Hyundai and many more. Frankly, as we see in the commercial, this could help you to take parenting to a whole new level. At least that’s what Kevin Hart is doing, by fulfilling his genius plan of how to track his daughter, keeping her safe and sound, and well … single. The commercial is played for Super Bоwl 2016, and goes wonderfully with the song along the clip – Another One Bites The Dust, performed by Queen.
As the clip starts he is generously giving the car keys of his new Hyundai Genesis to his daughter’s date – a confident young man, who does not suspect any of the cruel intentions of the father. The boy grabs the keys impatiently and takes the girl to what is supposed to be an intimate well-planed date, and from that moment on we realize the benefits of the blue link application. With the car finder app, Kevin Hart quickly finds the young lovers in the movie theater and keeps an eye on the boy’s actions. Later, he manages to tails the couple to an amusement park, where he again watches the guy with the typical impression of the face every dad of a young girl has – an impression saying I am here and I have a gun and a shovel. At last, the date leads the lovebirds to the local park-and-smooch, but then again, Kevin Hart is convincing that it is a disastrous idea to mess with the wrong daddy, by flying a helicopter over the parked Hyundai. Once more, only the boy notices him, and he is so frightened, that he is heading back to the girl’s home leaving her. She is pretty unhappy of course, since it is so early, as Kevin Hart himself points out, while he is welcoming his daughter home.
A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do and Hyundai will help you out.

Products: Genesis
Actors: Kevin Hart
Songs: Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
Advertiser: Hyundai

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