Handstand Fails | Funny Fail Compilation

Handstands are so much fun! You get to see if you can hold your entire body up just by your bare hands, you get a little bit of exercise and you get to see if you can, in fact, STAND ON YOUR HANDS! But of course, with any physical activity, there is a good chance that you’ll experience AN EPIC FAIL! That’s why we at AFV present to you our newest FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION, HANDSTAND FAILS! Give it a healthy viewing, won’t you? And as always, be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!

What’s your favorite HANDSTAND FAIL in today’s comp? Is it the SLO-MO HANDSTAND at 5:59? How about the SELF-PILEDRIVER at 7:10? Our favorite is definitely the KITTY LEG DROP at 8:39! Tell us your faves IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO AFV HERE ON YOUTUBE!

Handstand Fails | Funny Fail Compilation

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