Instant Rice Cereal For Baby | Homemade Receipe | #fame Food | Food Recipe

“””Instant Rice Cereal For Baby | Homemade Receipe | #fame Food | Food Recipe : Just Like Sanjeev Kapoor’s khazana recipes, #fame food also provides a bucket full of Indian recipes that are healthy and easy to cook. With the best chefs on board, learn how to cook and make some mouth watering dishes.
You don’t want feed your baby with unhealthy packed meals,right? Surely your answer would be a big yes. Baby food, homemade by you, offers your baby all the healthy goodness a baby needs for his or her first meals in their building years. It is a great alternative to all the packaged cereal food that you get in market. In this video Nameeta Sohoni of Nom Nom Mom is going to show you the recipe of home made rice cereal for your little ones. Watch the video to grab the tips shared by Namita to make the cereal tasty and nutritious.

Ingredients used in preparing Rice Cereal are:
– 1 Cup Brown Rice
– Water

How to make Rice Cereal:
1) Wash 1 cup of brown rice thoroughly to get rid of chemicals.Strain it for a bit.
2) Heat up the pan and put the rice in it and roast it till it becomes brown in colour.
3) Put the rice in the blender and grind it well.
4) You can store the mixture in an airtight container or refrigerator and can be used for a couple of months.
5)Take 1 tbsp of cereal and a little bit of water and allow it to cook.

Yummy Treat for your toddlers is ready!

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