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Signs That You May Have Adult ADHD
You lack organisational skills
Are you constantly searching for something? You can never find your car keys, cell phone and important documentation. Your desk is mountain of paperwork, you miss appointments and frequently forget to pay your bills. If staying organised is a challenge for you, consider breaking up your tasks into smaller steps. Using reminders and calendars is a great way to stay on top of things.

You are easily distracted
When you’re talking to someone, your mind wanders and you have difficulty focusing. You often get so caught up thinking about something else that you lose track of what has been said to you. Your open plan office is a nightmare for you. You constantly feel like you are being interrupted and wish there was a way of blocking everyone else out. With ADHD sufferers, concentration is a core issue. Try minimising other stimuli when you are working or studying. Put your cell phone on silent and avoid having the TV on or listening to music. Where possible, try to find a quiet place without distractions where you can study or get your work done.

You are always procrastinating
Do you always put off your deadlines, studies and other important tasks? Do you feel like you’re always leaving everything to the last minute? ADHD sufferers often say that they are constantly procrastinating. It is believed that this could be because the only time that they can concentrate is when they are under immense pressure or stress. This ongoing stress can have a negative effect on their health. Try using a daily planner or schedule which can help you keep track of what you need to do and better manage your time.

You struggled at school
You struggled to listen to your teacher and were often in trouble for drifting off. Reading, exams and projects were a complete nightmare for you, and your school results often reflected this. Patterns of disorganisation and lack of concentration can often be picked up by examining a person’s school history. Adult ADHD sufferers often report having to work much harder than their peers in order to cope at school.

You’re a smoker
A cigarette is the only thing that keeps you calm. It is easier for you to focus on your work after smoking. It is estimated that 40% of people with ADHD smoke, compared to only 26% in the general population. It is often only once someone stops smoking that they realise they have symptoms of ADHD. It has also been shown that ADHD sufferers have a higher chance of using alcohol and drugs than people without ADHD. Those with ADHD are also more likely to start using these substances at a younger age than the average person.

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