Moner Moto Manush Pailam Na – মনের মতো মানুষ পাইলাম না | Official Trailer | SHAKIB KHAN | BUBLY

Presenting the much awaited Official Trailer of the film Moner Moto Manush Pailma Na – মনের মতো মানুষ পাইলাম না

In cinemas 12th August 2019.

Movie Credits

Movie Name: Moner Moto Manush Pailma Na ( মনের মতো মানুষ পাইলাম না )

Cast: Shakib Khan, Bubly, Misha Sawdagor, Sadek Bacchu, Saberi Alam, Shiba Shanu, Don, Boby, Nader Khan, Masum Bashar and many more.

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction : Zakir Hossain Raju
Music : Shafiq Tuhin
Background Music : Emon Shaha
Cinematography: M H Shapon
Art Direction : Rahmatullah Bashu and Farid Ahmed
Editor: Towhid Hossain Chowdhury
Choreography: Habib Rahman and Baba Yadav
Sound Editing : Kazi Selim
Singer: Shafiq Tuhin, Imran, Kheya, Lemis, Shorolipi, Mahtim Shakib, Jahangir sayed.
Lyricist: Shafiq Tuhin and Zakir Hossain Raju
Chief Assistant Editor : Shorif Hossain
Assistant Director: Amritav Mihir and Eleyas Hossain
Chief Assistant Director: Toukir Ahmed Sujon
Associate Producer: Anamul Haque Arman
Produced by : Desh Bangla Multimedia

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