SANTO 07 13 15 Movie Trailer



“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

We were about to go into production on our Science-Fiction(Faction) film about the danger of GMO and its consequences in the future, done in the spirit of “Blade Runner,” “Terminator” and “Soylent Green,” with a hint of “Schindler’s List.” When we realized the powers that be in the financing wanted us to sacrifice the ultimate message that we were bringing to the masses, the chilling tale of truths in our story about the real current event in humanity that was on a collision course through science and greed with ultimate devastation.

The biggest argument about that for us was that we were NOT making a Documentary, We were making a feature length Dystopian Futuristic Movie with GMO as the backdrop. We knew we had something that we felt could impact the public’s opinion on this delicate matter. What we didn’t know was why at the last moment the “Do as I say” monster stepped into the room.

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