Stiletto Movie Trailer

Ken McGinn: Team Lead and Video producer

This is an Algonquin College Ottawa Interactive Multimedia Developer Project. “This is not a real movie **********

Stiletto is a new psychological thriller where the reputation of a major pharmaceutical company is put in jeopardy when one of their test subjects escapes and could expose them for who they really are.
Dr. Aleksandra Petrov, a brilliant scientist at Capital Pharmaceuticals, helps rid the world of its many diseases. This hard task is only able to work with the many test subjects that she finds and experiments on. Thomas Witko just wanted Aleksandra’s number, he never knew that such a simple request could be life threatening. Tied up, alone, and drugged, Thomas has to find a way to escape his captivity and stop Capital Pharmaceuticals before something like this happens to someone else.


Thomas Witko
Thomas Witko, an everyday normal guy, decides to have a fun night out at the bar where he meets Aleksandra. Little does he know that this was one person that he did not want to get involved with. After a series of unexpected events, Thomas finds himself captured by Aleksandra and forced to take drugs as part of an experiment conducted by her pharmaceutical company, Capital Pharmaceuticals.
Aleksandra Petrov
Aleksandra Petrov, just wanted a quiet night without worrying about her job.
As she is leaving the bar, her boss calls her, informing her that she needs to bring a new subject in because the last one died during testing. Aleksandra didn’t know what to do at that exact time until she noticed Thomas and thought he’d be the one. Determined to make her company on top, Aleksandra is willing to do everything and anything to ensure that her boss’ plans succeed.
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