15 Simple Recipes And Food Hacks

Easy recipes and food tricks you can use in your home kitchen.
hope you enjoy these simple food hack, here is a list of all the tricks in this video:

1. Trick to scoop Ice Cream
2. Lemon cutting trick
3. Make your own jelly bears
4. Simple honey roasted pears
5. Coffee heart cacao hack
6. Simple roasted banana mash
7. Bacon roses hack
8. Mug cake simple recipe
9. Chocolate filled pancakes!
10. Super fine zest lemon hack
11. No microwave popcorn
12. Microwave sausage trick
13. Colored sugar cookies
14. Trick for making chips out of flour tortillas
15. DIY make your own nachos

hope you enjoyed these food tricks if you want to see more check out my channel here:

also a hack playlist of our videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZiQiiGfAeA&list=PLRlsPGYi1jscOdhdwkACRMurur15wc2qw

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