Best of AFV! | Part 10 | AFV Classic

Welcome to the AFV fan channel made just for AFV fans by an AFV fan. Did you know America’s Funniest Home Videos has been an American institution for 30 seasons? That’s crazy, right?

The hit show presents the unexpected funny moments that happen when things don’t go quite as planned. From practical jokes to home improvement fails, from funny animals and pets to cute babies and tots, America’s Funniest Home Videos is a hilarious look at everyday moments caught on tape. Stay up to date with our latest uploads.

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But please don’t call all the time…wait like three days… I do have a job and such and the people at the aquarium are sick of me taking calls to talk about the awesome winners from season 7.

If you want to get your video on this channel, that’s awesome! Though to do that you have to be in an episode of AFV. And to do that you have to upload to their site.


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