DYSON AIRWRAP REVIEW – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Nadine Baggott

This is my review of the much hyped Dyson Airwrap – apologies it has taken my three weeks but I wanted to test it properly for you as it is so much money.

I have fine hair, easy to style and have no trouble blow drying my own hair. In fact I love my Dyson Supersonic Dryer so I came to this gadget with extremely high expectations.

It is hit and miss – the air wrap styler head attachments are amazingly clever and the COANDA effect that wraps the hair without suction or tangles is, quite frankly, revolutionary, I am sure this will revolutionise hair waving and curling the same way that Dyson revolutionised vacuum cleansers.

However the brush attachments are clunky, unattractive and do not smooth, or wave or dry hair, even my fine hair, any better than a Babyliss gadget and certainly no better than a good radial YS Park Brush and my beloved Dyson supersonic. What’s more you cant buy a kit with just the Airwrap Stylers, they all comes with brushes, which is super annoying.

So my advice to you is to try in store before you buy and remember that this does not have the flexibility to wave thicker sections of hair, to leave the ends out easily for that cool done/undone look, or to control and smooth the hair as you wave.

All of the attachments work on 80% dry hair so you can’t smooth first then wave.

And the Airwrap stylers are directional so you can’t just pop one on and style your whole head using the wand upside down and back to front with ease – so this requires more thought than you usual hot tong.Here is the video in which I review the Supersonic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNnIQIPZl4&t=13s

Here is where you can find the Dyson site – https://www.dyson.co.uk/hair-care/dyson-airwrap-styler-overview.html
it is available to buy here – http://tidd.ly/36d34eee



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