Homemade Starbucks Breakfast Recipes – Meal Prepping Ideas

I’m making the most popular starbucks recipes for breakfast for meal prepping. This starbucks recipe is way cheaper to make at home and great meal prepping ideas. Starbucks hacks are so easy and make for great recipes for breakfast. Meal prepping these breakfast recipe ideas is so easy. I’m all about easy meal prepping at home with these diy starbucks recipes. Enjoy my easy meal prepping with these starbucks breakfast recipe hacks.

RECIPE: https://goo.gl/xoFzbe
SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/pWpsoq

Macros for the sous-vide egg bites:
116 calories per egg bite
8 grams of fat per egg bite
9.7 grams of protein per egg bite
1.3 grams of carbs per egg bite

Macros for the breakfast sandwich:
461 calories per sandwich
28 grams of fat per sandwich
30 grams of carbs per sandwich
30.6 grams of protein per sandwich
1 gram of fiber per sandwich

Macros for the egg white wrap:
222 calories per wrap
15 grams of protein per protein
10.5 grams of fat per wrap
26.6 grams of carbs per wrap
6.6 grams of fiber per wrap


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