How I spent my last days in the Philippines | Travel Vlog

Part 2 of my Philippines travel vlogs. We first hung out at Megamall then spent the last few days locally at Tanay, Rizal. We played volleyball, hung out at the Tanay lighthouse, and did some outdoor activities like zip-lining at Ten Cents to Heaven, the longest zip-line in Luzon, hanging bridge, and more! This was how I spent my last days in the Philippines. Check out the list below to see the places that was featured in this video. Special thanks to my family! Enjoy!

00:16 Megamall (Sushi Nori and Arrowland)
01:14 Barangay Wawa gym
02:17 Tanay Lighthouse
03:27 El Patio Razon, Kawa Bath
04:42 Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp
05:17 Ten Cents to Heaven – Zipline
08:50 Ten Cents to Heaven – Hanging Bridge
10:12 Tanay, Rizal McDonald’s
10:40 Tanay Municipal
11:05 MNL Airport
11:37 SFO Airport

The songs at 05:25 and 07:05 are by David Cutter,
Music: / @dcuttermusic

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How I spent my last days in Tanay, Rizal Philippines | Ziplining | Travel Vlog

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