RAW by Yoko Inoue – Creative gourmet raw food recipe book


A collection of creative raw food recipes by Yoko Inoue, owner and chef at Shoku Iku in Australia, a Melbourne-based organic raw and living food cafe. Yoko’s desire to prepare healing natural foods for herself and her newborn daughter led her to discover the important relationships among good health, diet, and lifestle choices. Yoko studied macrobiotic philosophy and culinary skills at Japan’s Kushi Institute. That experience inspired her to train as a holistic nutritionist, which then opened up the world of raw and living foods to her.
Today, Yoko integrates contemporary and traditional ideas of macrobiotic and Chinese philosophies with modern nutrition in an effort to promote healthy and ethical food and lifestyle choices. She is also a director of Shoku Iku Academy, which offers a range of online education and culinary programs, and Shoku Iku Store, a range of longevity supplements. Yoko and her work have been featured in such publications as Nature & Health, Elle, Yoga Journal, and The Age

The book is sectioned into 7 sections with recipes such as croquettes with tomato jam + vegetable hummus, Foie Gras Bruchetta, lemon cream gnocchi, Mille-feuille, chai and rose tiramisu, three coloured tofu, okonomiyaki and more.
All the recipes are plant based, gluten free and refined sugar free.

More information via http://rawrecipebook.com
website www.shokuikuaustralia.com

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