TVS APACHE 2012 – TV Commercial / Shot & Directed by Mark Toia

This is a Directors cut. The only reason I decided to do a directors version was because I did not get the opportunity to show TVS what I could actually give them. As TV commercials usually have many other people deciding it’s direction and fate.
This was a great job to be apart of. The Ad agency and clients are wonderful to work with. The client especially wanted me to do the ad…and to do the best I can with what I was given. This was bare bones shooting at its best. When I usually do commercials of this nature I have many specialized tools to aid me… in this case.. I had a camera and lights… Basic gripping kit… but not much more. So I really had to dig deep.
The Ad was partly shot in Bangkok, but due to the bikes not turning up on time, we all had to jump into a plane to India to finish off the bike section of the shoot. In total I only had about 20 hours to shoot all of this, in two different countries. I shot using the RED EPIC cameras with some of the oldest and ugliest lenses I’ve ever used. They were rubbish !… tight focus, focus out, soft edges, terrible things. I’m really surprised we got shots as good as we did. The RED EPIC camera saved our arse thats for sure.
This commercial was 100% finished in my laptop in full 2k Cinema resolution just to prove a point that you can get great results from as little as a Laptop and a RED EPIC.
The Indian TVC production company “100 Frames” did an amazing job in pulling together a very crazy production. Great work Prashant ! – Thanks McCanns and TVS.
Ross Batten did the sound ! It really bought it to life.

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