58 TV Commercials from 1977

This assortment of TV commercials were broadcast between January and April 1977.

0:00 Oscar Mayer Bologna
00:33 Oscar Mayer Bacon
01:04 “My baloney has a first name…” (Andy Lambros)
01:36 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
02:06 ABC Bumper
02:11 Del Monte Corn (Bill Cosby voice-over)
02:41 Almond Joy/Mounds (“Sometimes you feel like a nut…”) (Didi Conn)
03:12 The Six Million Dollar Man (“Dante’s Inferno – 1/23/77)
03:46 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
04:05 Triscuits (Betty Buckley)
04:35 Campbell’s Chicken Noodle O’s Soup ( “Give Me the Campbell Life”)
05:04 The Captain and Tennille Show
05:29 “Oh, Those Golden Grahams!”
05:58 Kodak Instant Crank Camera
06:29 Bell Telephone System
07:28 Happy Days/Fonzie Loves Pinky
08:00 McDonald’s Fish Sandwiches (Paul O’Keefe)
08:29 Purina Cat Chow (“Chow, Chow, Chow!”)
09:00 Nescafe Instant Coffee
09:30 Carefree Sugarless Gum (Dena Dietrich)
10:02 Real Goodness from Kentucky Fried Chicken (Ken Howard)
10:33 Eight Is Enough
10:56 Gaines-Burgers Dog Food (James Whitmore)
11:26 Singer Sewing Machines (Debbie Reynolds, Michael Tucci, George Dzundza)
11:58 Tickle Antiperspirant
12:27 Nice ‘n’ Easy Hair Color
12:58 Pillsbury Plus Cake
13:27 Clorox Bleach
13:58 Blansky’s Beauties/Fish/Starsky & Hutch
14:30 Kinney, “The Great American Shoe Store” (Ken Berry)
15:00 Carnation Instant Milk (Vicki Lawrence)
15:31 Unsweetened Kool-Aid
16:01 Gravy Train (June Lockhart)
16:32 Photomat Picture Pickup Promise
17:01 Wheat Thins (Sandy Duncan)
17:32 The Easter Bunny’s Coming to Town
17:54 Goodyear American Eagle Tires
18:24 Canada Dry Ginger Ale, “It’s Not Too Sweet” (Aldo Ray, Broderick Crawford, Jack Palance)
18:54 Have a Pepsi Day
19:26 Life Cereal
19:56 Tickle Antiperspirant (Lynne Moody & …?)
20:27 Final Net Hairspray
20:56 Eight Is Enough
21:27 Future Cop/Three’s Company
21:52 Almond Joy/Mounds (“Sometimes you feel like a nut…”)
22:22 1977 Chevrolet (Jerry Orbach)
22:52 Playtex Seamless Support-Can-Be-Beautiful Bra
23:23 “Coke adds life!”
23:53 “Gentlemen Prefer Hanes”
24:22 Purina Puppy Chow (Sterling Holloway)
24:55 Boy Scouts of America (“Boy Power!”)
25:16 Chevrolet Concours
25:46 Revlon Crease-Proof Eye Shadow
26:16 “Life more fun when you’re munching Fritos!”
26:46 “Nervous is why there’s new Soft & Dri” (Charlene Tilton, P.J. Soles)
27:18 Log Cabin Buttered Syrup
27:47 Post Raisin Bran
28:18 U.S. Savings Bonds (“The Ant and the Grasshopper)

Commercials without a visible copyright displayed (prior to 1989) are in public domain, though music isn’t necessarily. Due to the rarity and extreme popularity of this video (it’s averaging 1,000 views a day), I’ve uploaded a higher quality mpeg2 file to The Internet Archive (minus the Life Cereal commercial, which is unquestionably still under copyright):

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