Day Trip to Ueno Park | Tokyo Travel Vlog

In late March, I returned to Japan in time for the spring cherry blossom season. The window of opportunity to see this wonder of nature unfold was in fact fairly narrow.

At best, the blossoms last for a week or two max, depending on the region of the country, followed by a rapid shedding.

I was excited to go back in the spring to witness what my eyes first observed in April 2016. Between then and just prior to this trip, I’ve returned multiple times during the summer & winter months. On the very first trip, I knew nothing about photography.

To be quite honest, it wasn’t even a hobby or interest. I bought a basic point and shoot camera to take along, and, for the most part, that’s all I did—point and shoot.

Fast forward to 2018 and 5 visits later, I’ve honed my photography & filmmaking skills and acquired better gear. As well, I’ve become much more confident navigating Tokyo. This video was recorded in an area called Ueno, known for its vibrant markets, famous museums, and the park which is where most of the filming took place.

I take you on a bit of a journey from where I stayed, throughout the subway, all the way to the park where I share some beautiful captures, delicious Japanese sticky rice and introduce you to some new friends.

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