"HEAVY" Superstrings (official music video)

This is our music video to your song “Heavy” which we have written, produced and shot ourselves. Superstrings is a composer couple who also write film music and collaborate with different musicians on their projects.
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Superstrings: Carolin Heiss/ Marc-Sidney Müller
Vox :Carolin Heiß
all Instruments & Programming: Marc-Sidney Müller
Drums: Steffi Sachsenmeier
Bass: Robin Jermer
Recording in Motril/Spain: Hans-Martin Buff
Recording in Heimat/Munich: Marc-Sidney Müller
Mix: Hans-Martin Buff / Marc-Sidney Müller
Master: Bernhard Range
Video: Marc-Sidney Müller

The song is about guilt – we might always try to do the right thing with the best of intensions and still fail. My doings aren’t always be the best for everyone and someone evens suffers from my decisions. The video and song is a very intimate and close look into the eyes, the soul and vulnerability of a human being. The mirrored motions and images show the ambiguity of our perceptions and actions

We are film music writers and have our own musical project Superstrings which we independently release worldwide with our digital distributor Believe Digital. This song „Heavy“ has been written and produced in Motril, Spain and mixed and mastered in Munich and Berlin.

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