Tailgating Subaru WRX funny Fail

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there seems to be some people confusion by this video, so to explain a few things . one this video is from Australia and the we drive on the left side of the road , so im driving in the slow land , not the fast lane, , when this happened I was driving at the speed limit minding my own business, when this guy raced up and tailgated me for no reason, (he was not getting to an emergency he was just a speeder trying to bully other drivers out of the way.)
After I taped my brakes to put my lights on to try to get him to back off , he changed lanes and tailgated the ute driver. when the accident happened, I DID NOT brake hard to try to cause an accident ? as the video shows a car in front of me got on the brakes hard as they were turning left and someone was crossing the road. the ute driver was late braking , as he was looking at the wrx tailgating him and reacted late. therefore with wrx so close to the ute he hit him. NOW , I didn’t “drive off’ as I said in an old comment , at the time I didn’t now they had hit, as I was looking forward , I didn’t see or hear them crash , and only saw later as I was driving off the ute was not moving. at the time I thought he got out his car to confront the wrx about tailgating him, it wasn’t until I got home and checked the footage I saw they had an accident . if I knew I would have stopped to give the ute driver my details as a witness . people need to stop over thinking this video, its just a aggressive bully driver who tries to force people out of his way and crashes his car.
i couldn’t have changed lanes if i wanted to , nor should i have to , if some is driving legally and safely they should be intimated by other drivers .
hope that clears everything up , thanks for watching , please check my other videos,


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