Best Homemade Dry Dog Food Recipe with Beef and Veggies

Did you know that you can make dry kibble at home and make it healthy for dogs? This video on the best homemade dry dog food recipe shows how you can make a very simple meal for your pet using beef and vegetables, and do so quickly.

You can find the full recipe, serving size, ingredients and more tips on the best homemade dry dog food recipe with beef and veggies here:

Making your own dog food gives you complete control over the ingredients used. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the ingredients in commercial kibble or the added artificial ingredients that could be dangerous to your dog. In my opinion, this is the best homemade dry dog food recipe.

“Slowly add this wet mixture to the dry ingredients. Add the cooked ground beef and vegetables, and then mix until it forms a moist dough.The dough will be sticky and a bit chunky, but don’t worry – that’s what you want! You can see what my dough looks like in the picture above.”

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