English Vocabulary – 100 HEALTH and BEAUTY ITEMS

Improve English vocabulary learn 100 things around the house used in health care and beauty products used in everyday life. Daily use English vocabulary pronounced in British English. Basic English lesson suitable for all English Learners and students to learn English, how to speak English with a British English accent and build vocabulary.

Individual lessons in the video ⬇️
English Vocabulary – MAKEUP → 00:37
English Vocabulary – HAIRDRESSER TOOLS → 01:47
English Vocabulary – BATHROOM → 03:34
English Vocabulary – MEDICAL ITEMS → 05:44

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List of common English words for names of beauty items, names of health care items, basic English vocabulary words for different types of household Items used in health, household equipment names for medical items and household vocabulary words for bathroom items in English.

In this English vocabulary video learn house items used in health care, names of medical items, names of house items, house objects, hairdresser tool words, bathroom vocabulary, bathroom equipment words, medical equipment vocabulary, makeup words, bathroom tool vocabulary, bathroom appliances vocabulary and household vocabulary words used in Every Day Life with British English pronunciation.

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