"RISE AND FALL" – Oliver Zisko [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] – D'n'b, dubstep drumming

“Rise and Fall” (Official Music Video)

Hi, my friends! Currently, I’m working on an album which will be kind of an electronic & live music mixture.
The genre of electronic music went through a lot of progressions in the last ten to fifteen years and I found it interesting to create musical ideas that combine modern electronic sounds with drum improvisations that are influenced by modern electronic music styles.
The genre of this album could be defined as drum ‘n’ bass or breakbeat music in some parts which are spiced up with the elements of jazz-fusion.
The first result of this effort is the present clip and we keep working on stuff so more videos to follow. These will be featuring some great musicians who have participated in the making of the album.
The title says “Official Video” although it more looks like a drum playthrough. A live video which was filmed using a single moving camera hence the lack of many cuts from different views. We wrote OV because of a lot of additional video cuts we filmed after the right take was recorded. Virtually the audio and some parts of the video (the GoPro over the drumset for example) recorded live. The audio of the drums is a one-take recording and contains no triggers & editing (quantizing). We tried to keep the drums’ & cymbals’ sound as natural as possible.
“Rise & Fall” ‘s story is that in fact that everything has a beginning and an ending: cultures, civilizations, life…

The album will be released in 2021. Working title: “Global Warning”.


AUDIO mixing & mastering: Scheer “MAX” Viktor

VIDEO editing and cameras: Tamas Toth

Music programming & drums: Oliver Zisko

AZTURK cymbals
NATAL drums
DYNAVOX drumsticks

AZTURK “FORCE” & “LEGEND” series cymbals:
FORCE crashes: 16&17″, rides: 18&20″, splashes: 8&10″, china: 18″,
hh: FORCE and LEGEND bottoms at the left side, FORCE and LEGEND tops at the right side,
noisy combination of FORCE hh top & china at the right,
///- flat-bell (:)) prototype at the right side,
– thin bell (made of iron) at the right side (prototype)///

NATAL Bubinga kit:
Kick: 22″ x 18″
Snare: 14″ x 5.5″
10 x 8″ Tom
12 x 9″ Tom
14 x 14″ Floor Tom
16 x 16″ Floor Tom

Specially designed Dynavox custom drumsticks. Made of European Cornus wood.


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