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Home Remedies for Asthma
Do not allow pets in bedrooms or on furniture
Pet dander – a common asthma trigger – is often difficult to avoid entirely because for many of us, our pets are just like members of the family.

Remove carpets and stuffed toys from bedrooms
If carpeting cannot be removed, vacuum at least twice a week with a cleaner equipped with a HEPA air filter. Ask your doctor about which cleaning products are best to use.

Avoid areas where people smoke
Breathing smoke – even secondhand smoke and smoke on clothing, furniture or drapes – can trigger an asthma attack. Be sure to ask for a smoke-free hotel room when traveling.

Reduce stress
Intense emotions and worry often worsen asthma symptoms so take steps to relieve stress in your life. Make time for things you enjoy doing – and for relaxation

Exercise indoors
Physical activity is important – even for people with asthma. Reduce the risk for exercise-induced asthma attacks by working out inside on very cold or very warm days. Talk to your doctor about asthma and exercise.

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