Heat Mate electric Hot water Bag|உடம்பு வளி போகஇந்த Gadget வாங்குக|under Rs-999 Gadgets review😍

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Unlike the traditional hot water bags, heat-mate hot water bag turns out to be far more effective in treating pains and general muscle cramps, apart from keeping your body warm in cold environments. The bag heats up quickly so you need not have to wait for the water to boil to the required temperature. The heat generated stays longer for you to enjoy the warmth for hours for a more effective healing. The most ideal gift for adults, children and sports persons. For Maximum temperature, charge for 7-8 mins; For Moderate temperature, charge for 3-6 mins; Regulate heat by using cloth cover

Features & details

Heating Technology: Layered with 6 PVC covering and wired silicon chips for heat & leakage protection and regulation

Temperature Retention: With a maximum heating capacity upto 70°C, the bag can retain heat upto 8 hours

Soft Tough Design: Top quality mercerized soft outer fabric lined with pressure resistant fused layers for enhanced comfort and stability.

Quick Charging: The advanced clip charger quietly heats the bag within 10 minutes. Inbuilt thermal fuse auto-shuts power off during excess heat for added protection.

Hydro-Electric Separation: The bag adopts special heating technology which used double insulation silica gel separating water and electric parts for uniform heating & thermal efficiency

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