Mohen Jo Daro Site Travel Vlog by Malang

#Mohenjodaro #History #DancingGirl
Watch Mohen jo daro site from my eyes, mujhe mohen jo daro jane se pehle nahii laga thaa ke ye site itnii zabardasst bhii ho saktii hai,,,laikin yahaan saab koo visit zaror karnaa chahiye…

I am Nazish Aiyaz Hassan, Journalist, Motivational speaker and Vlogger. I started my journey in October 2018 when I had a first visit of Moola Chotook and then it opens new doors on me…
I was always a big dreamer and crazy about traveling. Exploring beautiful and hidden places is my hobby and another thing which I love is Food so for this I make Foodie Vlogs . I always want to show the beauty of my homeland. I want to tell everyone that if you want to enjoy traveling then travel like a saint not like a prince.

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