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📣 What’s for dinner, guys?
Today we are gonna make ZZ Top’s fav shrimp fajitas with Chef Rudy. A very special and super easy recipe! Foodgasm is guaranteed!

There is nothing better than Mexican shrimp fajitas for a quick but delicious dinner! These tender shrimps are cooked to perfection, they are easy to make, and no one can resist this sizzling platter of flavourful and filling fajitas.
Impress your loved ones with this dish!

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🥣 Ingredients:

▪1 kg king prawns
▪1 red bell pepper
▪1 yellow bell pepper
▪1 white large onion
▪Fresh coriander
▪2 limes
▪Tortilla bread 4 to 6 pieces
▪Sour cream
▪Extra virgin Olive oil
▪Pickled jalapenos
▪1 x Garlic
▪Salt & Black pepper to taste
▪Garlic powder
▪Smoked paprika powder
▪Cumin powder

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