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AAXA Technologies introduces the World’s Brightest Battery Powered LED Projector. Special thanks to Gadget Crunch for reviewing our product and grant us the right to re-upload.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Value, reviewed by Brian Nadel – Projector Central https://www.projectorcentral.com/AAXA-P6X-LED-Projector-Review.htm

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AAXA Technologies Inc, a leader in the mini projector industry, combines the latest Osram LEDs, Texas Instrument’s DLP imager technology, and a massive 54-watt lithium-ion battery to produce a projector capable of delivering 1000 LED lumens on battery power. The AAXA P6X Mini Projector for Outdoor Movie can deliver amazing 160” images (in dark areas) on battery power with a slight brightness bump when plugged in. To achieve this level of power efficiency, the P6X LED Projector Home Movie Theater moves away from XPR technology that requires power-hungry actuators and FPGAs and inefficient quad-LED pumping and instead focuses on system power efficiency. The end result is a high definition (HD WXGA) projector that delivers 1000 LED lumens in battery mode and 4 hours of battery life in eco mode. This LED projector is tiny and yet multifunctional – it’s the best choice for Outdoor Movie, Backyard Movie, Camping, Home Movie Theater, At-Home Workout, and Yoga Session. No cords, no wires, fully portable – the AAXA P6X Mini Projector Native HD Resolution is truly out of this world.

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