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Game Plan is a sexy Hip Hop/Pop track that teasingly plays with the idea of seducing someone despite knowing that this person is already in a relationship. We all think about it. It is playful, flirty and comes with an uncertain outcome. Will they fall for the “Game Plan” or remain loyal?

Video Directed By: Jared Nickyporuk
Written By: Carlie “Baby C” Rompre –
Label: Element-80 Records Inc. –
Production Manager: Mercury Artists –
Mastered by: Ovi Productions –
Hair: Jalina Desgroseilliers
Make-up: Riki Finley
Cover Photography: Rock Paper Sisters

Copyright (C) 2019 Baby C Music
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Verse 1:
Walked in and you noticed me
I ain’t with my man like I’m post to be
He overseas, so I’m coasting free
But I don’t let no other playas come close to me

Got my hoes with me, and we, bout to get it popping
I ain’t looking for love, cuz I’m only window shopping
Stopping off at the club, just to weigh out my options
Which one, pick one, this one? Caution!

I have i forgotten? I got no intention of being pretentious
But i got your attention, I prolly should mention
That I ain’t single but it slipped my tongue
Might of had a couple doubles now I wanna get me some

Order more shots of tequila
Shaking my ass like I dance in the mirror
Pulled me close and he whispered in my ear
(I need love tonight)

Hypnotized by the way that I move
Hips and thighs putting him in the mood, oh, oh
Realized its just me and this dude
Getting freaky on the dance floor, what am I doing?

Your mans outta town tonight
You know that we gonna get down tonight
I’ve got that thing you like
But you know this ain’t right 

Your mans outta town tonight
You know that we gonna get down tonight
I’ve got that thing you like
But you and me ain’t right 

You and me ain’t right
You and me ain’t right
But I need love tonight

Verse 2:
I already know bout the game plan
He wanna hit till the am
He won’t get it but I’m taken
Stop taking I know what you saying

Step 1 spot a chick all alone
Buy a couple shots of that gin and patron
Hit the dance floor, setting the tone
Grab her ass call a cab then you getting it on 

I see through it
I know what you doing
Tryna play the game and it’s me you’re pursuing
Tricks up your sleeve, you’re so good at
Make me wanna leave but I know that I shouldn’t

It ain’t easy, gotta put in work
Don’t tease me, get what I deserve 
He my main, you could be my dessert
Boy, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt


I already know
I already know bout the game plan
But I just wanna go
I just wanna go where you staying

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