FLORIDA KEYS -ALLIGATOR REEF- Maldives of Florida- Family Travel Vlog

Have we mentioned how much we are loving @TheFloridaKeys??? Alligator Reef Lighthouse was unbelievable! It was like the Maldives of Florida!!! What an amazing snorkel spot! We are seriously blown away every time we leave the RV park. The endless bridges over gorgeous water, the cool island vibe, great weather, there are so many things we are loving about this place. To think we are still in the US is crazy! In this video we visit Alligator Reef Lighthouse off of Islamorada for the first time, we heard so many people saying how beautiful it was soooo it was time to go. One of our patrons from Patreon wanted to come on vacation to the Keys and rented a boat to take us all out. Being on the water is a totally different experience than being on land- the turquoise water beneath you is just heaven. As we got closer to the lighthouse the water instantly started changing colors- breathtaking I tell ya! There was a little incident with the drone, Jimi was in the dog house for a minute. The cuts weren’t too bad so we moved on haha If you are going to the Florida Keys we HIGHLY recommend checking out this place. We didn’t have enough time there so next time we will be spending a few hours so we can explore the whole area. This was such a fun snorkel spot, under the lighthouse was so cool, so many fish and while we were swimming we saw 2 stingrays and a bunch of Barracuda, the kids loved it. It’s always an adventure when you are surrounded by this much beauty! The Florida Keys is moving to the top of our list for sure!

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