'Mrs World' grabs crown from head of ‘Mrs Sri Lanka’ in on-stage fracas

Police have arrested the reigning “Mrs World” on charges of assault over an on-stage fracas in which she pulled the crown off the head of the new “Mrs Sri Lanka”.

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Caroline Jurie yanked the crown off Pushpika de Silva minutes after she was declared “Mrs Sri Lanka 2020” during a gala in Colombo on April 4. Jurie declared that Pushpika de Silva was ineligible as the winner because she was divorced, and forcibly removed her crown. De Silva needed hospital treatment after the incident, seen by stunned spectators in a packed venue as well as a live social media audience.

To qualify for the title, contestants must be married. De Silva is estranged from her husband, but they are still legally married. The local franchise holder for the pageant, Chandimal Jayasinghe, said they were “deeply disturbed and sincerely regret” the behaviour of Jurie and the told the media the crown would be returned to De Silva

‘Mrs World’ arrested for grabbing crown from head of ‘Mrs Sri Lanka’ ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/08/mrs-world-arrested-for-grabbing-crown-from-head-of-mrs-sri-lanka

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