Without Me // Gacha Life Music Video (story in theh desc)

I don’t know if this counts as an OC backstory or not, but here you go.
Anthony and Sprinkle are childhood friends and in middle school she gains a crush on him. They end up in a relationship in high school after Sprinkle confesses her feelings for him and Anthony starts treating her like trash, leading to a short lived relationship. As Sprinkle falls into a depression, Anthony takes advantage of how weak she is and ends up getting a new girlfriend just to rub it in her face–though that doesn’t last long, as he starts liking her again thanks to his childhood memories.
Even though something told Sprinkle he should give him a second chance, something else told her that there would be someone way better than him.
I know I’m uploading super early but that’s because I have school in a few hours and I won’t be able to work on it after school spare me-

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