Albin Loán – Come Over (4K official music video)

What do you think about the visuals?

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Song credits:
Vocals: Albin Loán
Vocal Producer: Albin Loán
Lyrics: Albin Loán & Charlie Nordh
Music & co producer: Albin Loán & 2Deep
Audio Engineer: Troels Henriksen & Albin Loán

Model: Albana

LTMV Records:

Ask Jack Movie co:

Video credits:
Company: …ask Jack! movie co
Cordinator: Arber Kodra
Director: Jack Tahiri
Cinematographer: Jack Tahiri
Director of photography: Elidon Dervishi
Video Production: Jack Tahiri & Albin Loán
Editing: Jack Tahiri & Albin Loán
Grading: Jack Tahiri & Albin Loán
Footage recorded in: Albania

Copyright (C) 2019 Albin Loán, Warble Music & LTMV Records

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