iPhone 12 Review – 6 Months Later

Long-term review of the Apple iPhone 12 after 6 months, the top features, downsides, why Apple needs to make it more like the Mac, and our recommendation on if you should get one.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 MagSafe
1:01 iPhone 12 design
1:34 Screen quality
1:56 Battery life
2:28 Performance
2:58 Camera performance
3:40 Video quality
4:04 Photo editing tools
4:23 Audio stream switching
4:54 AirPods automatic switching
5:06 Third party wireless earbuds
5:26 iOS 14
5:51 iOS software updates
6:40 The Apple ecosystem
7:00 iMessage & the ecosystem
7:28 Texts & phone calls on other devices
7:36 Transfer phone calls to another device
7:42 AirPlay
8:05 Apple Watch compatibility
8:24 AirTags
8:44 Missing charger in the box
9:26 No default Siri music service setting
9:54 64 GB storage isn’t enough
10:03 lowest phone call volume too loud
10:28 The App Store issue
12:04 Reccomendation
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