Serie A Football Predictions ⚽| Lazio Dreams of Europe + All Of Matchday 8 Picks

Serie A football predictions for Matchday 8, free picks and soccer odds at:

SBR’s expert Tancredi Palmeri joins Martin Green to discuss the soccer odds for some great games in Serie A. Following the international break down all the details for Matchday 8 as we take a closer look at the Lazio vs Inter, as the team from Roma tries to cut the distance with the top positions in the standings and get into the qualification zone for European tournaments.

Later, Juventus will try to bounce back against Roma after a complicated start to the season following the Cristiano Ronaldo departure. Can they do it against the “Special One”.

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Serie A Matchday 8 Menu:
Intro 0:00
Spezia vs. Salernitana 7:28
Lazio vs. Inter 11:20
Milan vs. Verona 18:02
Cagliari vs. Sampdoria 21:57
Udinese vs. Bologna 25:53
Genoa vs. Sassuolo 30:10
Empoli vs. Atalanta 34:00
Napoli vs. Torino 36:36
Juventus vs. Roma 40:03
Venezia vs. Fiorentina 44:33
Picks 50:10
Wrap up 51:12

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