Global National: Jan. 24, 2022 | Ukrainians brace for battle amid potential Russian invasion

On this episode of Global National: Ukrainians continue to anxiously watch and wait over whether their borders will be breached, as Russian military forces continue to build-up for a potentially imminent invasion. But as Crystal Goomansingh reports from Kyiv, despite those fears, some citizens are already preparing to stand and fight for their country.

And despite U.S. President Joe Biden’s hope to avoid a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, American diplomats and military troops are now on heightened alert, as confidence in de-escalating the crisis wanes. Jackson Proskow explains what Biden’s plan is if conflict does break out and why Russian President Vladimir Putin may be relying on the political chaos.

Also, Global News has learned from government sources that Global Affairs Canada is scrambling to recover from a cyberattack that it suspects was conducted by Russian hackers. As Mercedes Stephenson reports, the attack is believed to be in retaliation to Canada’s heightening efforts to send more military aid to Ukraine.

As desperate migrants struggle to enter Canada hoping for a better life, many are left vulnerable to human smuggling operations in the face of tight immigration policies. Heather Yourex-West spoke with survivor Mohammed Alajarmeh on how he fell prey to one such operation and what advocates say still needs to be done to help victims.

Plus, as the threat of COVID-19’s Omicron variant lingers, new Ipsos polling exclusive to Global News shows most Canadians support even further restrictions on the unvaccinated. But as Jamie Mauracher reports, the divisiveness toward tighter rules and vaccine mandates persist, as provinces like Quebec double down on them.

And even the most seasoned golfers face incredible odds of successfully pulling off a hole-in-one, let alone multiple times. So how has amateur British golfer Neil Watts been able to do it 11 times, within the last six months? Mike Drolet reports on the hot streak that’s stumping the golf world.

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