1988-1989 TV Commercials

A monstrous collection of commercials that aired on NBC between 1988 and 1989. I spent hours typing out the full list, which was too big for You Tube, but here are some of the highlights:

00:00 Diet Coke Sony Sweepstakes (Pierce Brosnan)
00:30 Revlon One Perfect Coral (Cindy Crawford)
00:45 L’oreal Performing Preference hair color (Cybill Shepherd)
01:00 U.S. Navy
01:30 Visions by Corning
01:45 Actifed (astronauts Wally Schirra, Alan Bean & Dick Gordon)
02:00 Band-Aid Clear
02:26 Help us help retarded children!
02:31 Jello Gelatin (Cosby)
02:46 Studio Line from L’oreal
02:46 Studio Line Mega-Gel from L’oreal
03:01 Day by Day
03:21 Police Academy II
03:32 The Highwayman
03:42 Toyota
04:12 McDonald’s (Beautiful Morning)
04:42 Switching Channels TV Spot
05:12 Ralston Cereals (Freakies, Cookie Crisp, Chex, Fruit Islands)
05:53 The Highwayman
06:03 Burger King
06:33 Country Crock butter
06:49 All
07:04 Pam
07:19 Day by Day
07:39 Puppy Chow
07:54 Energizer Batteries (Jocko)
08:09 Life Cereal (“Unless they’re weird, your kids will eat it!”)
08:24 Vice Versa TV spot
08:54 In the Heat of the Night
09:14 ALF/Valerie’s Family (The Hogans)
09:34 Disneyworld Vacations (Phylicia Rashad, Keisha Knight Pullium, Malcolm Jamal Warner)
10:04 DuPont Stainmaster carpets
10:34 Crispy Critters Cereal
10:49 Wendy’s
11:19 Jell-o
11:34 Dristan
11:50 Motts
12:20 Disneyworld
12:50 Wear-Dated Carpet
13:05 Yes, I Can! Foundation for Exceptional Children (Lynda Carter)
13:20 Danger Down Under
13:30 7-Up Basketball Challenge
14:00 Police Academy 5
14:16 In the Heat of the Night
14:26 Diet Coke
14:56 Revlon
15:27 Kool-Aid Koolers (Wacky, wild Kool-Aid style!)
15:57 Anacin-3
16:12 Salon Selectives
16:27 Inherit the Wind
16:47 Aarons Way (John Matuszak)/Highway to Heaven/A Year in the Life
17:07 Burger King (Brenda Strong)
17:38 Diet Pepsi (Michael J. Fox, Jamie Gertz)
18:08 Finesse
18:23 ACM
18:34 Almay
19:04 Dexatrim
19:35 Almond Joy
20:04 Prudential
20:34 Gore Vidal’s Lincoln
20:55 Aaron’s Way/Highway to Heaven/Bronx Zoo
21:15 Planter’s Popcorn
21:45 Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals
22:15 No Smoking on Northwestern Airplanes
22:30 NBC News
22:40 M&M’s (Grab onto that M&M’s feeling)
23:10 Toyota
23:40 Wrigley’s Extra Suger Free Gum (Lasts an extra, extra, extra long time for you)
24:10 Yugo
24:40 Fortunate Pilgrim
25:00 Year in the Life
25:20 Diet Dr. Pepper (David Naughton)
25:50 Fab
26:20 KFC
26:35 Aaron’s Way
26:46 Buick
27:16 Pepto
27:46 Raisin Bran
28:16 Aaron’s Way/Year/Bronx Zoo
28:37 Sonny Spoon
28:57 Nuprin
29:27 Weight Watcher Yogurt (Lynn Redgrave)
29:41 Scandal in a Small Town promo (Raquel Welch)
34:57 Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum (Pure Chewing Satisfaction)
37:48 Honda (animator Carl Urbano)
40:19 K-Mart (Martha Stewart)

40:49 Gloria Vanderbuilt Glorious perfume
41:15 Sprite (“I like the Sprite in you”)
44:11 The Pepsi Challenge (Dan Schneider)
45:06 Milk (“America’s favorite health kick”)
45:37 Pepsi (“America’s Choice” – Lisa Rinna)
46:06 Honey Nut Cheerios (“It’s a honey of an O”)

48:42 McDonald’s (Holiday Muppet Babies huggables)
49:12 Mattel’s Disney Pots & Pans Band (Tom Bosley narration)
54:14 Crest Toothpaste Disney’s Cinderella rebate
55:14 Macintosh computers
56:24 Ziplock freezer bags (Dom Deluise)
56:54 Tyco Racin’ Hoppers Electric Racing set
57:25 Acuvue disposible contact lenses
59:30 Butter (“Give ’em all a little pat of butter”)
1:02:31 Chic Jeans (“You make me feel like a natural woman”)
1:03:02 Mattel Disney Dream Time Carousel (Tom Bosley narration)
1:03:32 Tyco Radio Controlled Turbo Outlaws
1:04:02 McDonald’s (Disney’s Oliver & Company Christmas ornaments)
1:05:43 Wendy’s World Wildlife Fund stuffed animals
1:05:58 le Jordan perfume (Jane Seymour)
1:10:39 Apple 2GS Computer (Joe Sirola voice-over)
1:13:50 le Jordan perfume (Jane Seymour)
1:14:05 Kodak Color Watch System (Bill Cosby)
1:15:11 Big Red Gum (“Give your breath long lasting freshness”)
1:17:52 Coca-Cola (Brian Bonsall, Art Carney)
1:21:55 Minute Rice (John “Motormouth” Moschitta Jr.)
1:22:45 McDonald’s (Bob Denver, Don Adams, Buddy Ebson, Barbara Billingsley, Ken Osmond)
1:26:11 Extra Strength Tylenol Gelcaps (Susan Sullivan)
1:26:42 International House Coffees (“Celebrate the moments of your life”)
1:39:27 Post Raisin Bran (California Raisins)

Also includes various NBC promos for In the Heat of the Night, Midnight Caller, Aaron’s Way, The Bronx Zoo, Matlock, ALF, The Hogan Family, Unsolved Mysteries, Generations, The Highwayman, A Year in the Life, Sonny Spoon, Day by Day, Night Court, St. Elsewhere, Something Is Out There, Perry Mason, and more.