How to Make Travel Videos for Beginners

With this tutorial, I make it easy for you to make travel videos that people want to watch. I share all the necessary steps and the most important tips you need to know as a beginner.

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0:00 Why We Shoot Travel Videos
0:40 How to Prepare for Shooting a Travel Video?
2:23 How to Shoot Travel Videos
2:42 Capture Single Shots with Intention
3:42 What Shots to Get for a Good Travel Video and Why?
5:59 How to Shoot Good Looking Travel Footage
7:06 How to Move Your Camera and Make Motion Visible
7:40 How to Use Slow Motion Correctly
8:27 The Secret to Seamless Travel Video Transitions
9:05 How to Transition from One Place to the Other
10:21 How to Edit Travel Videos
11:31 How to Edit Easy Travel Video Transitions
12:50 What’s Most Important for Good Travel Videos
13:38 Outtakes

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