M2 MacBook Pro Review, w/ Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro 8K Export Test

The new 2022 13-inch MacBook Pro brings Apple’s gen-two silicon, the M2. I’ve been using the laptop for the past week heavily and I have a lot of thoughts.

0:00 – intro
0:15 – overshadowed by the MacBook Air
2:12 – M2 MacBook Pro pricing
2:30 – M2 MacBook Pro hardware overview
3:00 – M2 MacBook Pro battery life
4:26 – M2 MacBook Pro speaker test
5:57 – Apple silicon overview
6:27 – 8k video rendering test on Final Cut Pro
7:30 – 8k video rendering test on Adobe Premiere Pro
7:57 – M2 MacBook Pro benchmark scores
11:15 – who’s the M2 MacBook Pro for?