Dave Herrera – Clear My Mind – 4k OFFICIAL Music Video

“Clear My Mind” is Dave Herrera’s new single

Website: http://www.DaveHerreraLive.com

Dave Herrera needed to clear his mind when writing this story about getting away from all this chaos, as demonstrated in this NEW Single “Clear My Mind,” a song about traveling by foot out through a rural terrain to be free and one with the land.

Herrera said “the world is just moving fast, were losing time and I just need to get away from the chaos for a bit” as Herrera wrote in his lyrics “Home grown from our land; Praise ole glory; here I stand; Times getting tough; Mama’s getting mad; Time to move out; gone pack my bag; countries movin fast; falling off track were losing time; never gone get it back”.

Herrera wrote the track with the help of Cory Coppin co-writer and Dave Herrera produced the track.

Herrera is continuing to work on more music, coming soon!
For more information on Dave Herrera, visit www.daveherreralive.com and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Directed by Shaun Lupton
Camara: Bryan P.