Italian "Pickle" Recipes | How to Preserve Food Like an Italian

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In Eva’s hometown in Calabria, people eat a lot of fresh local produce and, as a result, they use creative methods to preserve their food for later seasons. I’ve come to appreciate these delicious, jarred “pickles,” even though I live in a place where eggplants are available in stores year round. And you might, too!

In this video, Eva shares her family’s technique for pickling eggplants, peppers and zucchini, plus a recipe for the famous spicy condiment: BOMBA CALABRESE!

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00:00 – The Lost Art of Preserving Produce
01:17 – Shopping for Vegetables to Pickle
02:15 – How to Make Bomba Calabrese
02:38 – Preparing Pickled Eggplant
03:51 – Preparing Pickled Peppers
05:12 – Preparing Pickled Zucchini
06:04 – Preparing Ingredients for Bomba Calabrese
07:19 – How to Drain Wet Vegetables
10:47 – Day 2: Adding Vinegar to Our “Pickles”
14:12 – Day 3: Jarring the Pickles
16:23 – Finishing Homemade Bomba Calabrese
17:33 – Preserving Pickles with Olive Oil
18:41 – Making a Bomba Calabrese Label
19:29 – Tasting Homemade Bomba Calabrese
20:02 – How to Use Bomba Calabrese
20:54 – Ciao for Now!

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