Dayein Bayein (Official Music Video) Muhfaad | Prod Flamboy | Found Out Records

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Muhfaad, one of India’s leading emcees and lyricists, drops a vicious slick flow on ‘Dayein Bayein’. An exceptional mix of complex lyrics and steadfast delivery, the single is a hard-hitting turbulent hip-hop sound reflective of the authentic sound emerging from Delhi. Muhfaad boasts about being the best in the business and how he has set himself apart from the rest of hip-hop for a long time now. Now, the Delhi-bred hip-hop star is not afraid to push anyone aside while he comes for the throne.

While the song hints at a raw and brash Muhfaad on the mic, he is equally groovy in the music video of ‘Dayein Bayein’. On a well-choreographed set, he is just having fun and reaping the benefits of his hard work and artistic vanity. However, he does assert his place with subtlety. With humorous metaphors such as teaching students how to write bars or rap, the rapper is rather hinting at the difference between him and the rest. Muhfaad is the master of Indian hip-hop, there’s nothing that anyone can do about it.

🎧 Audio Credits:
➟ Track: Dayein Bayein
➟ Artist & Lyrics: Muhfaad x Flamboy
➟ Music Producers: Flamboy
➟ Mixing & Mastering: Muhfaad

🎬 Video Credits:
➟ Director: Ruthvik Jadhav
➟ DOP: Ruthvik Jadhav | Viraj Hiray
➟ Video Editor: Ruthvik Jadhav
➟ Scribble art : Zane Ali
➟ Vfx: Zane Ali
➟ Production: Aelaan Records

➟ Line Production / Production manager: siddharth bhattacharya

Dance Team:
➟ Vinni (Choreographer)
➟ Rahul
➟ Rahul saini
➟ Ankit

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