My 2022 EDC Outdoor Adventure Essentials Kit

This is my ‘get me out of trouble kit’ for outdoor adventures. Full of great gear that can genuinely help in challenging situations with the emphasis on maximum practicality for minimum weight.

Part of your essential everyday carry or EDC for when you leave the beaten track, this could really save the day.

This channel is here to give you ideas and inspiration when it comes to finding great Everyday Carry, Travel Gear and Gadgets, on the back of solid and detailed reviews alongside years of experience, which I hope will make life and travel just a little bit more frictionless and fun.

My name is Jonathan, I have a passion for all things gadget, travel and EDC (Everyday Carry), which has filled both my personal and work life for many years.

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Products Featured in the Video:

Nanospark: (Amazon) (Exotac) (Heinnie Haynes)

Live Fire: (EDCgear)

Firefly Mini Ferro Rod: (Tortoisegear) (Heinnie Haynes)

Victorinox Walker Knife: (Amazon)

Hydroblu Water Filter Straw: (Hydroblu) (Ultralightgear)

NU25 Head Lamp: (Nitecore) (Amazon)

F21i: (Nitecore)
(and search for F21i)

InCharge X: (Rolling Square)
20% discount (single use only) (Amazon)

Ripspool: (Amazon) (Exotac) (Heinnie Haynes)

Compass: (Amazon)

Whistle: (Amazon)

Signalling mirror: (Amazon)

Sharpie pen: (Amazon)

Rite in the Rain Notebook: (Amazon)

Tick Remover: (Amazon)

Superglue: (Amazon)

Maxpedition Mini Pouch: (Amazon) (Heinnie Haynes)

Contents of this video to help you navigate:

00:00 – Introduction to the Kit
01:57 – Fire
06:13 – Backup Knife
08:48 – Water
10:55 – Lighting
14:54 – Power
17:47 – Repair
18:47 – Navigation
19:58 – Signalling
21:18 – Useful additions
23:07 – The Pouch

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