Our PARENTS FIRST TIME IN BANGKOK Thailand Travel Vlog to Lumphini Park, Lizards, Temples, Iconsiam

Another video with our parents! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Our parents came to Thailand for 2.5 weeks, but this is a compilation of their time with us in Bangkok! So the beginning and then the end of their trip! (there are still more videos to come from in between these videos – including Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, and a separate one from Chinatown!)

This video starts with our parents first time on the Bangkok MRT. We went to Lumphini Park to search for giant lizards (we were successful)! Then we took a tuk tuk to the new Benjakitti Forest Park – where we were lucky enough to see a bunch of cute puppies! We ended the night at the Octave Rooftop bar for sunset!
The following day was temple day! We started at the Grand Palace. We took a super quick tuktuk over to Wat Pho to see the Reclining Buddha, followed by some quick Thai food for lunch! After eating we took a boat across the river to Wat Arun. After all the temples we HAD to take our parents for a foot massage at Iconsiam – our favorite mall ever!! We continued to explore iconsiam because it’s amazing. Then we surprised our parents with a river dinner cruise!
The video then skips forward to our parents last day in Thailand – the same day they were flying home at the end of their 2.5 week vacation! We took them to Chatuchak Weekend Market so they could buy souvenirs and some things to take home.
Our parents absolutely LOVED BANGKOK!!!

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00:29 our parents first time on the Bangkok MRT
00:43 my mom’s thoughts on the Bangkok MRT
01:10 walking to Lumphini Park
01:54 the first big lizard in Lumphini!
02:32 a big lizard right behind our seats!
02:47 my mother terrified 🀣
03:14 first tuktuk to Benjakitti
03:52 arriving in Benjakitti Forest Park
04:52 puppies in Benjakitti park!
05:18 Octave rooftop bar with our parents
06:17 Day 2: the Grand Palace
07:30 Wat Pho
08:28 quick stop for Thai Food
09:04 boat to Wat Arun
09:29 Wat Arun
09:52 Iconsiam
10:11 Sooksiam floating market
10:58 foot massages at Iconsiam
11:37 fountain at Iconsiam & rooftop
12:13 Meridian river dinner cruise
13:17 Chatuchak Weekend Market

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