Welcome to Dramatically Expatic! I’m so excited to share this Turin travel vlog with you – it’s been ages since I wanted to film this amazing city and this Turin walking tour has turned out particularly *great*. So if you want to know what to see in Turin or what to do in Turin or what to eat in Turin – you now know where to look! I’m covering a lot in this vlog, so watch till the end and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Places I visit in this video:
Galleria San Federico
Farmacia del Cambio (cafe):
Luxemburg Bookshop:
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist (where The Shroud of Turin is located):
Royal Palace of Turin:
Piazza Castello:
Egyptian Museum of Turin:
Palazzo Falletti di Barolo:
Piazza Statuto:

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Hi! I’m Valeria, and I’m a Ukrainian expat and digital nomad, currently living in Italy. I first came here without speaking the language and being totally unprepared, but pretty sure this is gonna be an adventure of a lifetime! I love discovering Italian culture, Italian people and, of course, Italian food. I’m a full-time content creator, so when I’m not making travel videos, I’m taking photos, writing and creating artworks. Studying is another passion of mine, and currently I’m finishing my Masters degree at the University of Bologna. Here I post regular travel vlogs, tips on expat life, moving abroad, personal growth and self-esteem as a woman living abroad, so hop on and welcome on board!

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