My name is Stephanie aka steffi for short, I am 28 years of age. My channel is not based only on one type of content, its based on a number off content that makes me happy and hopefully you as well. The soul purpose of my channel is to just have fun and show you guys whats its like living in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago. I love doing product reviews an anything relating to skincare since ive study skincare for almost 5 years. I did study aesthetic and have a passion for skincare and skincare products. I also recently open my own spa called Skinsation Spa . I offer a wide variety of services, feel free to check out my business page. I also do product reviews,brand deal, hauls of all sort,cooking video,vlogs,taste test and the list goes on an on. I would love it for you guys to subscribe to my channel if you like the content i make sure and also follow me on all soicals. Any company that would wanna work me in the future can dm on ig , fb, or tiktok.

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