Camila Cabello TEASES 'Consequences' Music Video ft. DYLAN SPROUSE

Camila Cabello TEASES her upcoming “Consequences” music video featuring Dylan Sprouse!

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It’s official, “Consequences” will be Camila’s next visual, and we’re already SO emotional over it.

Camila dropped the orchestral version of “Consequences” last night, and while promoting the track she also gave fans a little teaser of the music video for the song, which she revealed drops TOMORROW, October 10th. And as if that weren’t exciting enough — it turns out that her love interest in the vid is none other than Dylan Sprouse!

As you can see, the whimsical video follows a gorgeous Camila walking around the city during the fall and winter time, as she reminisces over the good AND bad memories of a former relationship. In fact, she’s quite literally haunted by her lost lover, played by Dylan Sprouse in ghost form.

The bittersweet aesthetic of the video perfectly reflects the emotional tone of the song, and we can’t wait to see the chemistry between Camila and Dylan play out. Just in this short teaser, we can tell that they really leaned into their roles.

And speaking of Dylan, can we point out that Camila is quickly proving that she’s a genius when it comes to casting her love interests in her videos? She previously cast Noah Centineo in “Havana”, and that was BEFORE he stole our hearts in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. We see what you’re doing, Camila, and we just wanna say keep up the good work.

Alright guys now I wanna hear what you think of the “Consequences” teaser! Is Dylan the perfect actor to play Camila’s love interest? AND will you be watching Camila on the AMA’s tonight? Let me know in the comments below!

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