Hair? Diet? Mean Comments? Earnings? Health? Beauty? James? Menopause? Single mum? A Q&A for you!

Q&A for you this week. I invited you to ask me anything! Thank you for so many inspiring questions on things like ~ Health, Beauty, & Hair? Diet? Mean Comments, internet bullies, my take on them? Earnings, sources of income and making money, making a living, how to become a fulltime artist? Single Motherhood? Menopause and remedies? Art advice? How did James and I get together? Running a small business? Develping art style, practice & routines? Learning art, art classes? Art School? Clothes, grey hair journey, fairies, natural remedies, imposter syndrome… It’s long! But, you had a lot of questions! Timestamps are below so you can jump about a bit!
Thank you so much for being here, all your lovely comments & for keeping me company in our little corner of YouTube. Love you all to bits, wishing you much JOY for 2023
Wendy. Xx

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Personal Questions; early family life,
01:54 how did you and James get together?
03:09 is James younger than you?
03:16 Single motherhood?
05:21 menopause and creativity?
07:07 how to cope with being alone?
08:20 untreated PTSD?
09:00 Quirky, mean, provocative questions and comments on social media?
12:50 online & internet bullying
13:59 Quick fire Round!
15:43 5 things you don’t know about me!
16:42 Have you experienced fairies?
17:44 diet, what do you eat? Weight gain? Healthy eating? routines, soup recipes, working out and fitness?
20:45 menopause and the creative process?
22:55 Hair care; grey hair grow out journey, did you dye it? How long to grow so long? Hair care routine, don’t wash my hair, natural products, no poo! Hair oils? How do you wear a scarf in your hair?
27:50 Business Questions; why did you close your Facebook Art Journaling Group?
30:10 how do you film and edit your videos?
30:37 Shop products for my Etsy Shop
31:03 What are your streams of income, how do you make your money and earnings?
32:07 Sponsorships, free stuff and YouTube
33:04 Imposter syndrome
34:37 How to price your artwork
35:43 Art career from side hustle to a job you can make a living off full-time artist
38:13 How to get started in business, timings, earnings, decisions, mentors?
39:50 how do you calculate shipping costs?
40:28 Art Questions and tips!
41:06 favourite watercolour paints? favourite inspirations, artists, books?
41:47 artist journey, aha moments, struggles, challenges,
43:06 what are your art journaling inspirations and the one item you couldn’t do without?
45:17 how do I develop my art practice and become a better artist?
47:00 art school?
47:15 How to improve as an artist? A great tip!
48:00 how do I find my style in art?
49:10 should I go to an art class?
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