Italian Serie A Match Results, Table Standings 2021/22, Serie A Table Standings Now, Fixtures, Results Today 12/23/21 Update

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Italian Serie A Table 2021/22: Latest Standing Table Today December 23rd, 2021.
Serie A 2021-2022

Check out the latest Serie A 2021-2022 Table, get the latest Italian Serie A game results.

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As of the week of December 23rd, 2021, the top 5 teams for the Italian Serie A are Inter, Milan, Napoli, Atalanta, and Juventus. Inter is currently at the top position with record of 14 win, 4 draw, 1 loss and total of 46 points.
Milan is number 2 with record of 13 win, 3 draw, 3 loss and total of 42 points.
Napoli is number 3 with record of 12 win, 3 draw, 4 loss and total of 39 points.
Atalanta is number 4 with record of 11 win, 5 draw, 3 loss and total of 38 points.
Juventus is number 5 with record of 10 win, 4 draw, 5 loss and total of 34 points.
Roma is number 6 with record of 10 win, 2 draw, 7 loss and total of 32 points.
Fiorentina is number 7 with total of 32 points.
Lazio is number 8 with record of 9 win, 4 draw, 6 loss and total of 31 points.
Empoli is number 9 with total of 27 points.
Bologna is number 10 with record of 8 win, 3 draw, 8 loss and total of 27 points.
Torino is number 11 with total of 25 points.
Verona is number 12 with record of 6 win, 6 draw, 7 loss and total of 24 points.
Sassuolo is number 13 with total of 24 points.
Udinese is number 14 with record of 4 win, 8 draw, 6 loss and total of 20 points.
Sampdoria is number 15 with total of 20 points.
Venezia is number 16 with record of 4 win, 5 draw, 10 loss and total of 17 points.
Spezia is number 17 with total of 16 points. Genoa, Cagliari, and Salernitana.

Genoa is number 18 with record of 1 win, 8 draw, 10 loss and total of 11 points.
Cagliari is number 19 with record of 1 win, 7 draw, 11 loss and total of 10 points.
Salernitana is number 20 with record of 2 win, 2 draw, 14 loss and total of 8 points.

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