L11- BULQ Unboxing Health Beauty, Toys, Gen Merchandise #Bulq #Unboxing #ebayseller #liquidation

Just two reseller friends who sell on ebay and multiple marketplaces.
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#Bulq #unboxing #Health #Beauty #ebayseller # reseller #liquidation
Box details- Bath & Beauty, General Merchandise, Health & Nutrition – Beauty.
Partially manifested. UNSPONSORED .
Total cost is $75.00 including shipping with 41 items.

Sold items after fees & shipping. Updated 10/24/21
Sold Fitbit Ace 3 Kids $40.79
Sold Fitbit Ace 3 Kids $39.08
Sold Casaluna Pillow Sham $15.33
Sold -Hers Hair Growth Treatment $17.81
Sold- Epilator $32.51
Sold-Timex watch mens-$28.13
Sold-Rainbow vitamins pck of 3-$32.63
Sold-Caboodle Makeup Case-$15.00
Sold-Volleyball- $19.55
Sold- Universal Thread Sandals $8.49

As of 12-10-21
Total $75.00 spent
Sold $249.39 after fees and shipping
Profit so far $174.39 YEA!!!!!!