ORAL HEALTH: Complete Oral Health & Beauty – Subliminal Affirmations

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This video includes specific affirmations designed to get safe & fast subliminal results. This subliminal does not include frequencies.

This subliminal contains:

-upgrade all systems of the mouth to supreme optimal health, beauty + function.
-heal & resolve all oral imperfections to supreme optimal health, beauty + function.
-release stress + anxiety surrounding oral health & appearance
-removal & prevention of plaque, stains + tartar build up
-resolve cavities & rejuvenate teeth
-remove & prevent tooth sensitivity
-increase tooth whiteness + opacity
-tooth remineralisation + re-growth
-produce attractive gum to tooth ratio
-upgraded mouth health increases health of entire body
-resolve & prevent lines + wrinkles surrounding mouth area
-smooth plump youthful skin surrounding mouth area
-upgrade all oral glands + ducts
-upgrade gum health, function + beauty
-regenerate all systems of oral health
-oral tissue + muscle regeneration
-all systems of the mouth + teeth receive continuous fresh blood flow
-all systems of the mouth + teeth receive continuous required nutrients
-receive & retain perfect oral moisture
-continuously healthy oral PH balance
-continuous protection + healing
-upgrade saliva to produce healthy + potent enzymes
-resolve issues surrounding tonsil health + function
-release & resolve tonsil stones
-upgrade tonsils + immunity to formation of tonsil stones
-upgrade + heal tongue
-upgrade + heal taste buds
-healthy fresh breath + teeth
-moisturized + plump healthy lips
-permanent removal of unwanted upper lip + cheek hair
-manifest all oral health + beauty desires
-top & bottom tooth alignment + resolve tooth crowding
-+Many more positive upgrading, healing & beautifying affirmations
-All desired results are permanent

Listen at least 3-6 times a day. You may receive noticeable results before 1 month. Listen for 3+ months for full results. Other activities can be performed while you listen. Please do not drive while listening to subliminals.

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WHAT ARE SUBLIMINALS? Subliminal affirmations are positive spoken words played at low volume and masked by other sounds, where they are then able to bypass our conscious mind, and enter our subconscious. Once in our subconscious, positive affirmations are able not only to affect our physical bodies, but the reality surrounding us. Undesirable changes suggested within affirmations will not be attained by the listener. Reaffirm to yourself what you would like to achieve through the subliminal before listening. The subconscious will only accept desirable, positive, & beneficial affirmations.

Thanks for listening! Good luck with your results.