Global National: Feb. 4, 2023 | What's next after US shoots down suspected Chinese spy balloon?

In our top story: The U.S. military has shot down the suspected Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina and recovery is now underway. An investigation will soon begin into its mission. Washington says it was sent to monitor strategic sites in the continental United States and is a clear violation of U.S. sovereignty. Meanwhile, China is still insisting the object is a weather balloon that was blown off course. Jennifer Johnson has more on what’s next as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

Extreme cold, blizzards and snow are all words synonymous with the Canadian winter, but the conditions this past week and weekend have been severe. Mike Drolet reports on how Canadians are coping with the cold.

The family of a B.C. police officer who died by suicide four years ago says a coroner’s inquest decision this week has brought them a sense of justice. Neetu Garcha reports.

Data from the latest census is giving us a picture of education levels among ethnic groups across the country. Overall, racialized groups tend to be highly educated. Among Black Canadians, about a third have a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is the same as Canada’s population as a whole. But the differences are quite stark for Black Canadians who recently immigrated to Canada and those who have lived here for generations. Kyle Benning explains.

If you have a dog who loves car rides and just can’t wait to frolic at the dog park, then an Alberta family has created a unique business just for you. An entrepreneurial mom and her son in Calgary have been taking pet pooches to and from the park using a school bus primarily not for humans. Jill Croteau took a ride to learn more.

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